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Welcome to the SaggiTaurus Needlecrafts Website!
We specialize in Canadian images for needlecraft stitchery kits.
The ideas and different series have grown with requests from individuals and our
retail dealers.  We hope you are able to find a stitchery kit to inspire you to create a
memory for yourself or a loved one.


All US and International Orders are Welcome!
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About Us...
The idea for SaggiTaurus started in the summer of 1991, when my son joined the
Canadian Navy.  I wanted to create a unique gift for him and I interpreted the
Naval Badge into cross stitch and gave the framed picture to him for Christmas.
Several friends asked me to do a stitchery for them and I realized that I wasn't the
only Mom, wife, daughter etc... who wanted to honor someone in the Military.
I became licensed by National Defence Headquarters and the company was born.  I
dedicate SaggiTaurus Needlecrafts to the inspiration and continued support of my
son and to the unfailing support that our troops give to us.

All our customer information is kept strictly confidential.  At no time is any of
your information shared for any reason.

Happy Stitching!

Sue Preston


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